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"In a fragmentized world Laura's work is precious continuity...
A Necklace, a ring, contours of a hidden landscape, still holding something. " 
Anna Weiser


We consider metals and fibers as alive materials, so, color and shades can change over time, specially due to elements exposure, this fact is adding patina and life to the pieces who become also an expression of what they go through. Lessening the fiber’s exposure to sun, water, and direct contact with skin will help preserve the integrity, but if this is happening just embrace it... nothing is permanet.


We always use natural and organic sourced fibers like silk, cotton, linen or wool, we also choose local producers who diye the fibers without chemicals, using natural plant based components.

BRASS An alloy of copper and tin. Used in jewelry since the Middle age. Depending on your preference, can be polished to a high shine for a gold-like appearance, or allow it to oxidize, obtaining a more aged finish.

During periods of humidity, can leave a skin temporary dark mark, easily cleaned with soap or even toothpaste  avoid letting any cleaning products come in contact with fibers if your jewel has them, for that ocasions a soft polishing cloth will work great.

GOLD: use 100% Recycled Gold during the casting process. Gold is a very stable metal so it doesn't show many variations and never oxidizes. In case of needed, simple warm water and mild soap will remove dirt and oils to restore original luster.


SILVER: can show a polished and bright finish, a sanded, or a more dark oxidized style. Can also be cleaned with a variety of household products, be careful avoiding cleaning products in contact with fibers if your jewel has them.

COPPER: has a more warm color, and also can be oxidized darkening, or even getting blue shades if adding a special "patina", clean it as brass, and taking care of fibers if they are near.


AFRICAN BEADS: Most of them, made of bone glass or wood, they are coming from asenegal cooperative, focused on reintegrating women's with social risk of exclusion.


VINTAGE BEADS: Comming from antique necklaces or other jewels rescued in different antiquity markets, these elements are non-ferrious and nickle free. Often they are used as sources of inspiration or re-worked to create limited editions.

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